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September 11, 2009

EVA 4400 XCS 09522000 upgrade

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Hmm, so Hp advises me to upgrade to 09521000 and send me the “DRAFT XCS 09521000_release note.pdf”, only for me to find they pulled the 09521000 xcs before i could even download it and replaced with 09522000! What’s worse is there are no updated release notes/upgrade documentation…. Seems we should use the same documentation for 09521000 – the version that was pulled, to upgrade to 09522000…

Anyway, i decided to test the firmware on a new Eva at another site since it wasn’t in production and still had 09006000 running. Very simple to do, shame about the downtime needed to upgrade the controller firmware though, it was java upgrade/cv upgrade/disk upgrade / Eva upgrade / hp calling about Eva problems post upgrade / hp having no idea about solution / me goggling solution and fixing / everything fine .

The only problem with the upgrade was controller event logs not being generated post upgrade. After stopping the cv service I had to ignore what hp says in the 09521000 upgrade documentation and rename the entire C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Sanworks\Element Manager for StorageWorks HSV\cache\[wwnn-name] directory to old, not just the single file to get it working again.

EVA 4400 unboxed and setup
From my notes :


1 – CV upgrade to v 9

2 – update java

3 – check

CV 9  Upgrade

Two parts – CV server and CV Eva management module ( OCP )


1 – check following exists and are populated – create if not already there ( should be) – use EXACT syntax – case sensitive

• HP Storage Admins

• HP Storage Users

2 – extract contents of cd to a folder on server – iso to extract from is:


3 – stop desta service during upgrade

( recommend you disable mcafees at this stage if u can since will speed things up )

4 – Double-click HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software Suite.exe to start the installation.

even though we don’t need smi-s cimon it is required by the installation so leave it selected to proceed

5 – Next until it uninstalls the existing CV and reboots

6 – Post reboot it install CV 9

7 – Once finished check cv / cv perf mon / cv sssu icons are available – launch cv and verify v9.1 is loaded and license is valid

8 – Reboot server and check desta is running


1 – command view is available from the server on port 2372 – make sure you lock it down on windows firewall

2 – hp sim-s cimon opened some ports without telling you – sneaky things – lock down firewall if required


1 – Launch opc via IE

2 – If unsure of ocp address connect to cv -> system option -> launch ocp – DO NOT LAUNCH – first log out of CV

3 – the cv address for ocp is wrong – you don’t want the ocp cv address – you want the ocp management address

ocp management is on port 2373 not the 2372 used to launch cv on ocp

4 – select update firmware

5 – point to .pkg file in the cv iso

6 – next to all – NOTE – can take 30 minutes – 8+ mins to load code then 15 mins to reload – don’t be hasty and reboot else you’ll screw things up and have to restart

7 – IMPORTANT once finished login to OCP CV – this is port 2372 NOT 2373 – you want the man module version of cv now

8 – use system options and set time – i used a ntp server and europe/london as zone – this is important else the ocp and server CV’s will have different times and time can be reset ot 1970 on the eva – no idea why 1970



After removing a version of HP Command View EVA earlier than 8.x.x, the following error message

may be displayed when installing HP Command View EVA 9.1:

A previous Master Installer version has been detected on the system.

Uninstall the previous version and retry the installation.

If this message is displayed, do the following:

1. Go to the directory <ProgramFiles>\Common Files\InstallShield\Universal.

2. Locate any directories named HP_MasterInstallerXX and delete them.

There may be a directory for each previous version of HP Command View EVA that was

installed on the system.

3. Continue with the HP Command View EVA 9.1 installation.


1 – just update


Upgrading firmware on all disks

1. NOTE – MAKE SURE FATA DISKS HAVE NO RAID 0 GROUPS – if you do copy data to diff luns – raid0 FATA disks stops firmware upgrade.

2. download the HP StorageWorks EVA Hard Disk Drive Bundle zip file from the following web site:


3. Store the file to a known local directory – dont need to unzip – cv9 uses zip files

4. Open and log into HP Command View EVA – code load – disks etc


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