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September 16, 2009

Netware user container moves using JRB utils and relevant changes for user subcontainers

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Years ago we inherited a few thousand users, a few aging server rooms and a couple of schools that were located on another of the universities campuses. Although i took over the 3com/Cisco network and upgraded to the latest equipment (at that time 2950’s) and our advanced configs, the server team never took over the home drive servers at the site which today are still managed by another department. To cut a long story short the other department wants us of their servers so I’ve built a half dozen new virtualised 6.5 sp8 servers and we’re migrating the data over. Whilst i was doing work on the user’s i decided to split our users up into smaller Subcontainers, diving them by the last digit of their usernames. Couple of things to watch out for in the Subcontainers:

1 – Login scripts – the Subcontainers need login scripts – go to properties then login scripts and add an include for the parent container – this way each Subcontainers can have its default login script inherited from the parent container meaning only one script to update, thus avoiding mistakes maintaining multiple copies of the same code. If you need Subcontainers specific login script changes add them after the include statement

2 – Inheritance levels for applications- check you are inheriting all relevant applications at the new container depth. Open console one and select tools – Zenworks Utilities – Application Launcher Tools – Show Inherited Applications
If you are missing applications available at the parent container then select the Subcontainer and view properties – zenworks – launcher configuration. Now change the mode to view objects effective settings and note down the set application inheritance level (user) value. Change the mode to View/Edit object’s custom configuration and enter the new value for the set application inheritance level (user). The value will be previously value plus one per sub container.

3 – Moving users – easy to script – just use the getrest command and have the output be used by move_obj with delays between moves. e.g.

display just site2 staff that are not logged in and ending then logs to a file on c drive
getrest .*.faculty.staff.site2.org na eq “none” /j /u /yc /l=c:\site2staff.log <- use the file for move_obj

I moved a few thousand users into relevant Subcontainers over night without errors 🙂

To move actual data just use jrb utils !

JRB - saviour of the netware sysadmins


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