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February 11, 2010


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VMware is finally starting to get their act together and will be trialing an academic site license at Warwick university in the uk, based on FTE numbers, and i believe an approx. guarantee of £60,000 a year, based on information from technicians at Warwick university. Allegedly the idea of starting with Warwick as a trial in the UK is since they have a low inital investment in VMware so it will be easy to maintain expenditure to cover a site license. The site license will include VC/ESX4/VIEW/SITE MANAGER and probably more by the time it’s finalised. Note that to my understanding Warwick have not yet signed up to the site license, they are however the first in the uk to be offered such a deal.

Vmware previously organised a meeting with a dozen or so educational establishments in the uk to investigate the demand and interest for such a license, the meeting was around August last year and most of the educational establishments had given up on the idea.

Why have VMware suddenly changed heart on the issue of offering site license’s? Citrix academic pricing must be a huge challenge to VMware, as is the growing feature list of MS, which is cover by UK HE Select agreements assuming they opt for the virtual options. Others say it’s the replacement of the former UK HE manager, Jason, with new blood, Dick (Robert)Balding, you gotta love the name. Either way I doubt we’ll know unless someone can ask Jason, what are the odds he’ll end up working for the NHS like other former VMware staff ?


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