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March 2, 2010

HP Remote Support Discovery Engine (RSDDU) upgrade fails

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Recently i encountered a problem with the automated RSDDU upgrade on command view servers on multiple sites during the automated scheduled upgrade. The upgrade failed and would not install either via repeated attempts, manual installation or removal.

The error message was :

Summary Package Removal for ‘ Remote Support Discovery Engine (RSDDU) A.’
Status Failure
Details ‘ Remote Support Discovery Engine (RSDDU) A.’ removal failed due to the following error:
An exception was thrown trying to remove the service CM_GL_RSDDU_WIN. See the log CM_GL_RSDDU_WIN_remove.log for details.

I contacted HP who have over 100 calls logged about the same issue and are investigating to find a solution as we speak. The engineer who dealt with case was clever enough to figure out a workaround which is as follows – bear in mind this is not, at the time of writing, an offical HP fix or solution so use at your own risk, not all the steps worked for me and some paths needing changing, it did however fix the problem and RSDDU is now installed and working on multiple sites.

1. Remove RSDDU through RSSWM, if the “remove” option is available.
2. Remove the RSDDU scheduled task, RSDDU-HPNETWALKER-SCAN
4. Reinstall RSDDU through RSSWM

UPDATE – the latest hp update to RSDDU seems to fix the problem – March 2010


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